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Volume 16(2); Dec 2003
Original Articles
Three-dimensional K-wire Support of a Nasal Bone Fracture Using a Fluoro scope
Eung Sam Kim, Beyoung Yun Park
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):79-84.
Abdominal Trauma by Cultiva tors in Rural Communities of Western Gyeongsang Southern Province
Young-Bae Na, Hyeong-Gon Moon, Soon-Tae Park, Woo-Song Ha, Sang-Kyung Choi, Soon-Chan Hong, Young-Joon Lee, and Eun-Jung Jung
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):85-89.
Review and Clinical Analysis of 112 Patient
Who Expired due to Burn Injury
Si-Uk Woo, Gyu Sung Choi, Do Hern Kim, Jun Hur, Wook Chun, and Jae-Jung Lee
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):91-98.
Significance of the Motor Component of the Glasgow Coma Scale in Triage of Seve rely Injuried Patients
Jung Ho Shin, Sung Woo Lee, In Chul Jung, Su Jin Kim, Be An Lee, Sung Woo Moon, Sang Hun Jung, Nak Hoon Kim, Sung Hyuk Choi Yun Sik Hong
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):100-105.
Prognostic Factors Related to Submerged Patients Treated at an Emergency Medical Center near a Beach
Yong Taeg Jeong, Se Hyun Oh, and Boo Soo Lee
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):107-114.
Clinical Analysis of Patients with Thorax or Neck Trauma Treated with Emergent Operations
Sung Youl Hyun, Sang Woo Oh, Jae Kwang Kim, Yong Su Lim, Hyuk Jun Yang, Gun Lee, Wook Jin, and Eell Ryoo
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):116-123.
Validation of the Ottawa Knee Rule in Acute Knee Injury
Sang Kuk Han, Hyoung Gon Song, Kuen Jeong Song, Yeon Kwon Jeong, Min Seob Sim, and Pil Cho Choi
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):124-127.
Clinical Evaluation of Pelvic Fractur in Geriatric Patients: A Retro's pective Clinical Review of 93 Cases
Hyun Chul Hwang, Hoon Pyo Hong, Dong Pil Kim, *M.D., Myung Chun Kim, Young Gwan Ko
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):129-135.
Clinical Manifestation on Cases of Renal Injury with Nephrectomy
Kyung Seop Lee
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):137-141.
Blunt Chest Trauma in Children
Tae Hee Won, Yeong Jin Jeon
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):142-145.
Portal Venous Gas and Intestinal Pneumatosis Caused by Blunt Abdominal Trauma - A Case Report -
Yil Young Chen, Hoon Pyo Hong, Myung Chun Kim, Young Gwan Ko, and Dong Pil Kim
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):147-150.
Penet rating Esophageal Injury Diagnosed by using Methylene Blue - A case report -
Jung Min Ju, Sung Youl Hyun, Jae Kwang Kim,
Yong Su Lim, and Gun Lee
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):152-155.
Acute Myocardial Infarction Following Blunt Chest Trauma - A case report -
Jung Min Ju, Young In Kim, Jae Kwang Kim, Yong Su Lim, Hyuk Sun Yang, Gun Lee, Sung Youl Hyun, Seong Youn Hwang
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):157-159.
Case Reports
Cardiac rupture due to Blunt Injury
Jin Hee Lee, Yoo Sang Youn, In Cheol Park, and Seung Ho Kim
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):161-162.
Carotid-C avernous Fistula With Internal Carotid Artery Dissection A ftera Craniofacial Trauma Injury - A case report -
Jin Seong Cho, Hyuk Jun Yang, Gun Lee, Chan Jong Yoo, Wook Jin, and Jae Gwan Lee
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):164-169.
Injuries from Airbag Deployment During Low Speed Accidents
Gyu Yeol Kim, Jeong Han Bae, Young Woo Seo, Hong Rae Cho, Eun Seok Hong
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2003;16(2):170-175.
  • Thoraco-laparotomy approach to salvage a life-threatening cardiac box stab injury to the infecrior vena cava in Malaysia: a case report. J Trauma Inj. 2023;36:286-289


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