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Volume 26(3); Sep 2013
Current Concept and Future of the Management of Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review
Il Choi, Jin Gyeong Ha, Sang Ryong Jeon
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):63-73.
Original Articles
Incidence of Venous Thromboembolism in Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures in the Korean Population
Sang Ki Lee, Jae Won Lee, Jung Joo Hwang
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):74-80.
Serologic Markers of Excessive Callus formation in Traumatic Brain Injury Patient
Hee Gon Park, Yeon Jun Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):81-88.
Evaluation of the Triage by Emergency Medical Technicians by Using Trauma Score for Occupant Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle Collisions
Sang Chul Kim, Byung Woo Kim, Yang Ju Tak, Sang Hee Lee
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):89-98.
Experience with Operating a Trauma Team at a Local Private University Hospital
Yong Hwan Kim, Young Mo Yang, Jang Young Lee, Won Suk Lee, Won Young Sung, Koung Nam Bark
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):99-103.
Availability of the Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter Measured by Using Ultrasonography as a Secondary Survey for Patient with Head Injuries in the Emergency Department
Dong Wook Lee, Jung Won Lee, Sae Hoon Park, Ihl Sung Park, Hyun Jung Lee, Byeong Dae Yoo, Hyung Jun Moon
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):104-110.
Treatment of Combat-related Gunshot and Explosive Injuries to the Extremities
Jung Eun Lee, Young Ho Lee, Goo Hyun Baek, Kyung Hag Lee, Young Jae Cho, Yeong Cheol Kim, Gil Joon Suh
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):111-124.
Characteristics of Patients with Occult Hip Fracture after Hip Trauma
Wookhyun Yu, Hyejin Kim, Sukjin Cho, Sungchan Oh, Taekyung Kang, Seungwoon Choi, Seokyong Ryu
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):125-130.
Facial Nerve Decompression for Facial Nerve Palsy with Temporal Bone Fracture: Analysis of 25 Cases
Han Ga Wi Nam, Hyung Sik Hwang, Seung Myung Moon, Il Young Shin, Seung Hun Sheen, Je Hoon Jeong
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):131-138.
The Effect of First-aid Training for Taxi Drivers on Their Willingness to Perform Emergency Care
Hwa Yong Seong, Deuk Hyun Park, Yoo Sang Yoon, Kyung Hye Park, Yang Weon Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):139-150.
Management of Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak after Traumatic Cervical Spinal Cord Injury
Soo Eon Lee, Chun Kee Chung, Tae Ahn Jahng, Chi Heon Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):151-156.
Surgical Management of Duodenal Traumatic Injuries: A Single Center Study
Oh Hyun Park, Yun Chul Park, Dong Gyu Lee, Ho Hyun Kim, Chan Yong Park, Jung Chul Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):157-162.
Anatomic Conformity of New Periarticular Locking Plates for Koreans: A Biomechanical Cadaveric Study
Yong Cheol Yoon, Jong Keon Oh, Young Woo Kim, Hak Jun Kim, Hong Joo Moon, Nam Ryeol Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):163-169.
Comparison of Rib Fracture Location for Morbidity and Mortality in Flail Chest
Chun Sung Byun, Il Hwan Park, Geum Suk Bae, Pil Yeong Jeong, Joong Hwan Oh
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):170-174.
Car-tire-related Crushing Injury of the Lower Leg in Children
Jaeyeon Choi, Jaeho Jang, Jaehyuck Woo, Wonbin Park, Jinjoo Kim, Sungyeol Hyun, Geun Lee, Jeehoon Gwak
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):175-182.
Optimal Insertion Angle between the Skin and Needle in Ultrasound-Guided Internal Jugular Vein Catheterization with Trauma Patients
Hyun Min Jeon, Sung Min Jung, Ru Bi Jung, Jin Jeon, Chong Kun Hong, Tae Yong Shin, Young Rock Ha, Young Sik Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):183-189.
Multicenter Study
Survival Rate and Neurologic Outcome for Patients after Traumatic Cardiac Arrest
Shin Woong Park, Sung Youl Hyun, Jin Joo Kim, Yong Su Lim, Jin Sung Cho, Hyuk Jun Yang, Won Bin Park, Jae Hyug Woo, Jae Ho Jang
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):190-197.
Original Articles
Effective Radiologic Doses and Lifetime Attributable Risks in Patients with Trauma Critical Pathway Activation
Wonhyo Lee, Taeyoung Kong, Seunghwan Kim, Je Sung You, Yoo Seok Park, Jae Gil Lee, Sung Phil Chung
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):198-206.
Management of Traumatic Pancreas Injury in Korea: Literature Review
Seung Hwan Lee, Ji Young Jang, Hongjin Shim, Jae Gil Lee
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):207-213.
Case Reports
Tetanus Developing after a Traumatic Rectal Rupture: A Case Report
Jin Soo Kim, Ki Hoon Kim, Sung Jin Park, So Hyun Nam, Woon Won Kim, Yong Han Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):214-217.
Sleeve Fracture of the Superior Pole of Patella in an Adolescent
Moon Jib Yoo, Jae Sung Yoo, Jee Won Ryu
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):218-221.
Traumatic Lumbar Hernia: Report of a Case
Gil Jae Lee, Min Chung, Byung Chul Yu
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):222-225.
The Use of Multiple Fenestrations of the Dura in Acute Traumatic Subdural Hematoma in Elderly
Jongtae Park, Jikwang Yun
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):226-228.
Role of MRI in Deciding on a Treatment Plan for Sciatic Nerve Palsy after Reduction of a Hip Dislocation: Case Report
Junho Cho, Woon Hyung Yeo, Ji Wan Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):229-232.
Delayed Traumatic Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Patient with Hemoperitoneum Operation
Sohyun Kim, Keumseok Bae, Jinsu Pyen, Jongyun Kim, Sungmin Cho, Hany Noh, Kum Whang, Jiwoong Oh
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):233-237.
Burr-Hole Trephination of an Acute Subdural Hematoma with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: A Case Report
Jiin Kang, Keumseok Bae, Jinsu Pyen, Jongyun Kim, Sungmin Cho, Kum Whang, Sohyun Kim, Jiwoong Oh
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):238-242.
Treatment of Subclavian Artery Injury in Multiple Trauma Patients by Using an Endovascular Approach: Two Cases
Jayun Cho, Heekyung Jung, Hyung Kee Kim, Kyoung Hoon Lim, Jinyoung Park, Seung Huh
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):243-247.
Delayed Presentation of a Post-traumatic Mesenteric Arteriovenous Fistula: A Case Report
Jayun Cho, Heekyung Jung, Hyung Kee Kim, Kyoung Hoon Lim, Jae Min Chun, Seung Huh, Jinyoung Park
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):248-251.
Traumatic Rupture of a Hepatic Hemangioma
Ji Eun Sung, Sang Jun Park, Chang Woo Nam, Jae Chol Hwang, Young Min Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2013;26(3):252-254.
  • Dual repair of traumatic flank hernia using laparoscopic and open approaches: a case report. J Trauma Inj. 2022;35:46-50


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