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Journal of the Korean Society of Traumatology 1988;1(2):124-251.
Wsefullness of Pediatric Trauma score and injury Severity score in Multiple injury Patients
S. H. Choi, Y. U. Cho, H. S. Chi, H. D. Lee, B. R. Kim, E. H. Hwang, H. S. Lee
다발성소아손상환자에서 소아외상치와 손상정도치의 비교 평가
최승훈, 조영업, 지훈상, 이희대, 김병로, 황의호, 이한식
Trauma is one of the most common causes of death in children. Recently, injury severity score (ISS) is widely used to evaluate and classify the patients with multiple injury. Pediatric trauma score (PTS) was developed as a means of providing rapid accurate assessment of the injured child. We analyzed the records of 130 consecutive trauma patients admitted to the Yonsei University Hospital from January, 1977 to December. 1986. PTS and ISS were collected from comprehensive initial evaluation. There were 8 persons who did following hospital admission. The most common cause of injury was motor vehicle accident (56.9 %) followed by falling down injury (24.1 ). This study demonstrated the inverse linear relationship between the PTS and f55. Patients with a PT5 of 8 and below have an increased potential for mortality as well as morbidity. Likewise, the patients with a ISS of 2 and above have a same tendency. The ISS was developed that correlates well with survival and provides a numerical description of the overall severity of injury for patients with multiple trauma. The PTS is simplified classify-cation system for pediatric age group. Use of the ISS or PTS facilitates comparison of the mortality experience of varied group of trauma patients.


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