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Volume 23(2); Dec 2010
Original Articles
Characteristics of Stable Pelvic Bone Fractures with Intra-abdominal Solid Organ Injury
Sang June Park, Sun Hyu Kim, Jong Hwa Lee, Ryeok Ahn, Eun Seog Hong
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):57-62.
Needle Decompression for Trauma Patients: Chest Wall Thickness and Size of the Needle
Jeewan Kim, Jinwoo Jeong, Suck Ju Cho, Seokran Yeom, Sang Kyoon Han, Sungwook Park
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):63-67.
Analysis of the Risk Factors Influencing the Severity of Injury in Pediatric Multiple Trauma Patients
Gang Wook Lee, Sun Pyo Kim, Seong Jung Kim, Soo Hyung Cho, Nam Soo Cho
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):68-74.
Early Traumatic Deaths
Seung Won Paik, Chul Han, Yun Sik Hong, Sung Hyuk Choi, Sung Woo Lee, Sung Woo Moon, Young Hoon Yoon, Woo Sung Yu, Duk Hwan Kim
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):75-82.
Comparison of Compliance, Time Required for Diagnosis and Pain of Patients with Finger Tendon Injury Between Gross and Ultrasonographic Confirmation
Seo Woo Lee, Hyun Jae Park, Jung Won Lee, Sae Hoon Park, Jae Woo Kim
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):83-88.
Necessity for a Whole-body CT Scan in Alert Blunt Multiple Trauma Patients
You Ho Mun, Yun Jeong Kim, Soo Jeong Shin, Dong Chan Park, Sin Ryul Park, Hyun Wook Ryu, Kang Suk Seo, Jung Bae Park, Jae Myung Chung, Ji Hye Bae
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):89-95.
Fall-Down Injuries in children in Treated at the Emergency Department; Preventable Aspects
Sun Deok Kim, Si Young Jung, Koo Young Jung
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):96-101.
Difference in Management Between Native Koreans and Foreigners with Penetrating Wounds In the Emergency Room
Yong Kwan Kim, Yong Soo Jang, Gu Hyun Kang, Jung Tae Choi, Hoo Jeon, Jin Ho Kim
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):102-106.
Clinical Analysis of Patients with Abdomen or Neck-penetrating Trauma
Ha Ny Noh, Kwang Min Kim, Joon Beom Park, Hoon Ryu, Keum Seok Bae, Seong Joon Kang
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):107-112.
Factors Affecting the Delay of a Decision to Admit Severe Trauma Patients and the Effect of a Multidisciplinary Department System: a Preliminary Study
Mun Ju Kang, Tae Gun Shin, Min Seob Sim, Ik Joon Jo, Hyoung Gon Song
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):113-118.
Comparative Study
The Effect of Six Sigma Activity in Major Trauma Patients on the Time Spent in the Emergency Department
Hyun Soo Kim, Ok Jun Kim, Sung Wook Choi, Eui Chung Kim, Young Tae Park, Tae I Ko, Yun Kyung Cho
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):119-127.
Original Articles
Comparison of Injuries Related with All-Terrian Vehicles (ATVs) and Motorcycles (MCs)
Nam Ho Kim, Myung Deok Kim, Tae Hun Lee, Moo Eob Ahn, Jung Yeol Seo, Jae Sung Lee, Dong Won Kim, Jung Ryul Lee, Sang Heon Park, Yu min Kim
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):128-133.
A Clinical Analysis of Abdominal Stab Wounds
Jiyeon Park, Min Chung, Yeongdon Lee, Jungnam Lee, Woonki Lee, Yeonho Park, Jungheum Baek, Heunggyu Park, Keonkuk Kim, Jinmo Kang, Sangtae Choi, Wonsuk Lee, Seungyoun Park
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):134-141.
Risk factors related to progressive traumatic intracerebral hematomas in the early post head injury period
Young Bae Lee, Hwee Soo Jeong
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):142-150.
The Utility of Liver Transaminase as a Predictor of Liver Injury in Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Jong Seok Lee, Sung Chan Oh, Hye Jin Kim, Suk Jin Cho, Sang Lae Lee, Seok Yong Ryu
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):151-156.
Reconstruction of Soft Tissue Defect with Free Flap in Pediatric Patients
Jin Woo Song, Joon Pio Hong
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):157-162.
Analysis of the Outcomes of Surgically-Treated Spinal Epidural Hematomas
Young Hyun Cho, Jin Hoon Park, Ji Hoon Kim, Sung Woo Roh, Chang Jin Kim, Sang Ryong Jeon
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):163-169.
Clinical Feasibility of Video-assisted Thoracic Surgery for Thoracic Trauma
Do Kyun Kang, Hyeong Ryul Kim, Yong Hee Kim, Dong Kwan Kim, Seung Il Park
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):170-174.
The Result of Open Reduction and Fixation in Sternal Fracture with Displacement
Young Jin Kim, Hyun Min Cho
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):175-179.
The Meaning of 'Golden Hour' in Prehospital Time for Abdominal Trauma Victims with Emergency Laparotomy
Tae Chang Jang, Kyung Won Lee
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):180-187.
Case Reports
Postoperative Contralateral Supra- and Infratentorial Acute Epidural Hematoma after Decompressive Surgery for an Acute Subdural Hematoma: A Case Report
Jeong Shik Lee, Cheol Su Jwa, Sook Young Sim, Gang Hyun Kim
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):188-191.
Laparoscopic Splenectomy in a Case of Stable Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Hang Joo Cho, Yeon Young Kyoung, Ju Suk Oh, Young Min Oh, Se Min Choe, Kyoung Ho Choi
J Korean Soc Traumatol. 2010;23(2):192-195.
  • Dual repair of traumatic flank hernia using laparoscopic and open approaches: a case report. J Trauma Inj. 2022;35:46-50


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